Starting Therapy:  Beginning therapy is not easy. Examining one’s difficulties requires courage and resolve. Feelings of reluctance and apprehension are common and understandable. But, therapy is a long-term investment in yourself and in your desire to live a fuller, more satisfying life. With a lot of effort and patience, I believe that the therapeutic process pays off.

Clients often come to therapy because they are in the midst of an acute crisis, one causing them significant distress or unhappiness – a break-up, a loss, a period of depression. In the beginning stages of therapy, the main focus may be on the current struggle. In the first instance, my role is to listen to my clients – to educate myself about my clients’ needs and goals. Over time, I work with my clients to build a safe and supportive environment in which those needs and goals can best be addressed.

Although the therapeutic process often begins in crisis, the process frequently evolves into a much larger “place” in which a broader process of healing can unfold. Over time, therapy becomes a place to explore and gain self-awareness over a broad spectrum of feelings – a place to challenge self-beliefs and self-doubts, a place to integrate various parts of yourself, and a place to come to know and love your true self.

As your therapist, I will help you access your own resources and facilitate your own unique path towards healing. It is my belief that each of us holds the answers to our own problems. My job is to help you locate your own inner guide or center so that you can realize a fuller, more content and more satisfying life.