My Practice:  As a psychotherapist, I work with clients struggling with sadness, depression, anxiety, loss, anger, and grief. Some clients are experiencing feelings of isolation, unable to connect or find fulfillment in their relationships. Many clients are struggling with the residual effects of past wounds. Not all clients are in crisis; many are simply looking to improve upon their day-to-day emotional well-being.

I listen and strive to have the deepest possible understanding of each client. I recognize that while suffering may be universal, every person has a unique story and therapy is an opportunity to tell that story and have it be heard. It is a safe space to laugh and to cry, and explore hopes, fears, fantasies, and dreams without a fear of being judged. Therapy is a sacred and creative journey, a pathway towards self-discovery and self-growth, a place for internal reflection, and a place to heal wounds. I also believe that the therapeutic process, although often difficult, must have a place for laughter, warmth, and joyful feelings.

I practice therapy from my heart and work from a place of deep authenticity, compassion, love, joy, and empathy. I believe at its essence, therapy is about making meaningful contact with another individual. I believe that the bond which develops over time between client and therapist has unique healing powers.

I view the client’s intuition as the ultimate source of wisdom. My role as a therapist is to facilitate a client’s own movement towards healing and integration. I know that suffering is an inevitable part of the human experience, but in the therapeutic process, suffering is a beginning, not an ending.