General Areas of Specialty:  I work with individuals, couples, families, and adolescents exploring issues such as:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Loneliness, isolation, and grief
  • Relationship and communication issues
  • Domestic abuse
  • Life transitions, including employment transitions
  • Parental and sibling relationships
  • Eating and body image concerns
  • Self-awareness and self-care

Early Childhood & Adult Trauma: I am certified as a Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) Practitioner. Somatic Experiencing is a body-awareness approach to healing trauma that is being taught all over the world. It is the result of more than forty years of research, observation and hands-on development by Dr. Levine. It is based on the insight that human beings have an inherent ability to overcome the effects of trauma.

 Sexuality & Sex Therapy:  I have extensive training as a sex educator and counselor. I believe sexuality is an important component of self-expression, deserving of the attention given to other emotional issues. I understand that talking about issues surrounding sex can be extremely sensitive for many. My goal is to create a comfortable and safe environment for clients to explore issues of sexuality and gender expression, resolve and confront sexual problems, and improve sexual relationships and awareness. Some specific areas I have experience working with are:

  • Navigating intimacy with partners
  • Gaining tools to talk about sexual desires
  • Sexual trauma
  • Sexual addiction
  • Transgender identity and transitioning
  • The coming out process